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       One of the areas I feel is over looked by most beginning and intermediate golfers is their preshot routine. In this video, I go over a few simple ideas regarding breathing and visualizing. Being in touch with your breath at all times is very important, it can help you relieve tension, stress, help you relax your mind and see things more clearly. As we know, for such a fun game, golf can be a bit intense at times and having a good breathing technique is very helpful. A very simple one is breathing in to the count of 10, holding it for a count of 10 and then letting your breath out to the count of 10. You will find that this will instantly relax your mind, help you regain your focus and make thoughts seem more clear.

     Along with good breath work I also like to work with my students on visualizing, seeing your target, lines and ball flight very clearly. Have a clearly drawn up plan for each and every shot that you play. Once you have this plan in place it is time to execute the plan. It is easier said than done to execute the plan perfectly but the goal is to have your mind and body ready to make the best motion possible. I really like the way that PGA Tour Player, Jason Day goes about his routine, he actually closes his eyes and takes a nice deep breath before each shot, I feel this is a great and proven way to start each shot. As we know in everyday life visualizing and goal setting is very powerful so do not under estimate the power of your mind and what messages you can send to your body by just visualizing. Golf is a very complex puzzle and these two pieces are very key. 

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