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     Learning to rotate the club face properly is a very important part of the game, this will instantly teach you how to open, square and close the club face. It also will get you started working toward the proper angle of attack. For all of my beginners, I have them start learning this area of the game right after they figure out the grip, posture and alignment. One of my go to drills is to learn club face rotation, is the toe to toe up drill. In the video you will see exactly how the drill works,  The goal of the drill is to get the feeling of what your arm, hands and club face are doing during the swing.

      Through my 20+ years of teaching I have found that the most common error amongst golfers is flipping their wrists at the bottom of the swing. It is not just the beginners that have an issue with flipping their wrists at impact, I see it many different levels of players. It is very easy to understand where the flip comes from, the ball is sitting still on the ground or a tee and you want so badly to hit that dumb ball. Because of this you try and force the hit at the bottom of the swing which causes you to unload or flip your wrist. Creating a swinging motion and rotating through the ball is easier said than done, so this is why you should start trying this drill. You must strike down on the ball with your irons and fairway metals, if not, your hitting area becomes very wide and every shot turns into an adventure.

I think the most effective way of using the toe up to toe up drill is to swing with your feet together. The range of motion is either chest or waist high on the back swing and the same range of motion on the way through. This will help isolate your arms and hands. Learning rotation of your arms, hands, shaft and club head promotes proper angle of attack which to me is one of the top fundamentals every golfer should learn, right from the beginning. Working on simple drills like the toe up to toe up drill is great regardless of what level you are at, you can never get enough practice rotating and controlling the club face. The great thing about this drill is that you can do it in your living room, garage and/or backyard, you can even use foam practice balls to get the actually feeling of making contact while rotating through the hitting area.

Here is a link to some inexpensive foam balls: amzn.to/2Np1DFE 

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