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WANTED: Enthusiastic young men and women to help grow 18 GREENS. Anyone want to make some extra $$$$.? Well most sales reps for companies make anywhere from 6% to 8% commission on sales made, we want to pay you 10%. All you have to do is love 18Gs enough to share your very own promo code with all of you friends, family and fans. Pretty easy math also, if someone using your code buys a shirt for $50 you receive $5, feel free to go as big as you want, we are not afraid infact we encourage it.!!!! Here is a a little more info.

Q: What should I do if I want to be a social media rep for 18 GREENS?

A: contact doug@18greens.com

Q: Can I make money being a Social Media Rep for 18 GREENS?

A: Yes! Most apparel reps make 6%-8% commission we will pay a 10% commission on every order made with your promo code.

Q: How does the Social Media Rep position work?

A: You must contact Doug Timmons, if you are hired then you will receive your own personal promo code that you can offer friends, family and fans 30% off on all orders, you will receive a 10% rep commission from each order made with your promo code. 18 GREENS will send you a commission check at the beginning of each new month.

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