Learn How to Coil your Body, Create Speed and Leverage Using a Medicine Ball

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Creating speed and understanding where it comes from is very challenging. Most golfers want to create speed from the club head down and use the upper body and hands to create the hit. I hope in this two part video you will change your mind on where speed comes from and how it is created.

     I like to use a medicine ball as one of my training aids when working on coiling your body, staying level and creating leveraged and explosive rotation. In the videos we give you a few different drills that you can do with a partner or by yourself. You need a 2-6 pound medicine ball and a trampoline, the set up is very easy and the drills are very effective. You can get an inexpensive trampoline from Target or we us the Power Reactor that you can buy from Amazon https://amzn.to/2BN6GL, either one will work. Using the ground as your platform is something that I find is rarely done, as most athletes the ground is a key element to their overall performance. 

     There are some very key points on how your lower and upper body work in sequence so make sure you watch the videos a couple of times. Also, one of my key reference points on the way back is checking your arms at about waist high, seeing and feeling your trail arm above your lead arm is very important, this shows you have made a very good body coil. These drills are packed full of great ways to improve your game at all levels, regardless of your skill level staying on top of these important areas is a must. 


One of my several personal goals is to help make your practice fun, so I hope you enjoy the information and most important I hope I help you Improve Your Game… 

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