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For the past five years, we have been making some of the most comfortable pants and shorts in the business. We developed the fabric by combining a couple of technologies together, we call it Casual Water Technology. Our goal was to make the most functional hybrid fabric that is wrinkle resistant, lightweight, water repellent and easy to care for.  We hate to brag but we nailed it. The original fabric came from a board short that one of my favorite surf companies was making, with the four-way stretch this fabric offered made it so our bottoms were very functional ON and OFF the golf course. They are the perfect lifestyle bottom, great for traveling, they do not take up much room and do not wrinkle. We offer our shorts and pants in several colors, black, navy, blue, stone, white, brown, grey and khaki.  

The Casual Water Technology makes our shorts the perfect hybrid shorts. They can be worn from the golf course to the water and everywhere in between. With the Casual Water Technology built into the fabric they actually, dry much faster than most swim/surf trunks, which makes for an easy transition without having to change your shorts. All of our Casual Water shorts have a lightweight mesh pocket lining so water will flow right through. In addition, we have one a zipper on one for the pockets so whether you are playing golf, in the water, on a bike or motorcycle your important stuff will not fall out.  

We have two different styles of pants the Casual Water Classic and the TECH 5. Our design is just like your driver should be, straight down the middle. You can wear them from the office to the course and then to where ever your 19th hole happens to be. We have had several PGA Tour professionals and golf celebrities wear our pants and all have loved them. Our goal is lead the way to make golfers more stylish and comfortable.  

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