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I love teaching juniors the game of golf for many reasons. With all of the technological distractions out there today, golf has become an even more important tool in helping kids develop patience and focus. Golf forces kids to concentrate if they want to attain any sort of positive feedback. It is also extremely beneficial for hand/eye and body coordination and learning how the body moves in sequence. The game also teaches kids great lessons in integrity, honesty, work ethic and etiquette.

Things I would look for if your son or daughter are interested in attending a golf camp.  

Make sure the coach to student ratio does not exceed ten-to-one. Even at that ratio, the coach will need to be very skilled at working with kids. We all know that the bigger number of students means more money for the instructor, so keep this in mind. If you see a four or six-to-one ratio expect to pay a little more for the camp. Also from a safety standpoint, when there are that many kids that means a higher risk of someone getting hurt. I am in my 20th year and I have never had an injury during one of my camps. Safety first, then the fundamentals and fun are second.

Another thing to research is the experience of the coach. You want someone that is passionate about golf but also has the experience to back it up. The amount of time of the camp is also important. I have found throughout the years that anything over three hours is too much for most kids. I know some of you parents want to drop them off so you get a chance to breathe, but three hours is plenty of time. You should also view the actual practice area that they will be using during the camp. 

I have been running junior golf camps since the mid 90’s, starting as an assistant at Torrey Pines and then moving to Encinitas Ranch where I became the Director of Junior Golf. I grew the program to approximately 650 juniors with eight weeks of morning and afternoon camps every year. I am currently running camps this summer from 9am-12pm, Monday-Thursday, through the City of Encinitas Parks and Recreation and the ECKE YMCA.

Encinitas Ranch is where I do all of my instruction/coaching/camps and it has been my home away from home since 1998. On a daily basis, I am teaching golf up on the private side of the range and running 18 GREENS Apparel from my office on 2nd street in Encinitas. Feel free to email or call me with any questions regarding your junior.


Doug Timmons, PGA

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