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2015 was a great year for golf, the shot of adrenaline that we all needed. Ever since Tiger disappeared from the leader board golf has been a bit boring. I hate to say it but it’s true. I left 2014 thinking if it wasn’t for the 4 majors and Ryder Cup I probably wouldn’t have watched any golf at all. Now it’s the end of the 2015 season and I am fired up to see who is going to step up in 2016.


I love the fact that Jason Day actually held the #1 spot for a second and won the PGA, he played so well the passed few years but just couldn’t quite close the deal. Jordan Spieth winning 2 majors and breaking all sorts of records and Rory Mcilroy injuring himself screwing around with his friends, then going in and finally out of #1. Let’s not forget Dustin Johnson, putting on a ball striking clinic at the US OPEN, but falling short on the last hole. Zach Johnson sneaking in to win the British Open, Henrik Stenson playing incredibly well and Rickey Fowler showing that he could possibly make a run for #1 in 2016.


The way the end of 2015 stacked up it looks like there could be a pretty good list of guys battling for the Majors and top rankings in 2016. The PGA Tour also has a pretty exciting group of even younger guns that do not seem to be intimidated by their elders. We can only hope that 2016 is as good as 2015 and that there are several lead changes and we actually have a Big 4 or even Big 5.


Stay Tuned.

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