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I have been a golf instructor at Encinitas Ranch Golf Course in San Diego, CA for the past 17 years and received my PGA Class A in 2003.

I have been lucky enough to have been mentored by Master Instructor, Carl Welty. I learned from Carl that studying the top 30 players and understanding what they all do in common is essential to becoming a great instructor. Realizing that not one swing is identical has helped me improve the golf game of all skill levels. There are so many different body types, personality traits, levels of god given coordination and flexibility that it would be next to impossible to teach everyone the same.

I use the fundamentals as my building blocks and my checklist, this is the way I like to make my diagnosis. Once I run through my checklist, I work on the area that the individual student needs to improve on the most. I am a firm believer that it all starts with a proper grip and set up. If you are lacking in any of those two areas it makes it difficult to improve. If you are just picking up the game, start with the fundamentals, build your platform, grip, posture and alignment.

Understanding the importance of ball position, making a level rotation and contacting the ball on a downward blow is very important to making solid ball contact. I think one of the major mental parts of the game for any level of player is believing and understanding that it just does not take a lot of force to make the ball go.

Proper fundamentals, rhythm, sequence and balance are the keys to creating distance. Please tune into the 18 GREENS TV YouTube station for more tips and drills. Enjoy the Game!

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