Doug Timmons, PGA



In 1993 Doug met one of the worlds most accomplished golf instructors, Carl Welty. Carl opened the first golf school west of the Mississippi at La Costa Resort and was the first to use video in golf instruction. Carl is now one of the master instructors for Jim McLean’s Golf School as well as Jim’s personal instructor, friend and mentor. Doug and Carl spent countless hours studying the best players and swings in the history of golf while Doug perfected his unique approach to instruction. While working with Carl, Doug also met Jim Mclean and spent time working with Jim at his highly recognized golf schools.

Haijime Matsuyama has also been a great personal friend, mentor and inspiration for Doug since 1992. Mr. Matsuyama is not only a very successful businessman in Japan but also an accomplished amateur golfer. Doug has learned many lessons from Mr. Matsuyama and the Japanese culture of business ethics, honor and communication.



Aside from playing and coaching, Doug finds great passion in brand building and designing functional golf apparel that can be worn both on and off the golf course. With some of the biggest brands in golf in Doug’s backyard he’s had a unique opportunity to be on the pulse of the latest trends and changes in the market.

Doug spent a great deal of time in Asia building relationships with key suppliers before launching his apparel brand 18 GREENS three years ago. 18 GREENS is at the intersection of lifestyle, sport, fashion and function with one defining belief system; affordability. Doug believes that growing the game and saving you money on premium apparel is the best way to keep everyone on the course and having fun.

Doug continues to lead with passion and progression while remaining focused on building 18 GREENS into a leading global golf lifestyle brand and helping players of all ages play better golf through mentoring, coaching and instruction.


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