The White Rod Putting Training Aid

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The white rod putting training aid was developed by the late great Carl Welty. He developed this for many reasons, it was an aid that he expected all of his students to carry with them at all times. He would want you to use this on the greens during every putting practice session. The white rod, as Carl referred to it as was fairly easy to make, easy to set up, easy to carry around, (in fact the white rod would also double as an alignment stick on the range). It helps you with your putter path, seeing the lines more consistently, recognizing your start lines and actually helps you read greens better.

In the video on our 18 GREENS TV YouTube station, I talk about how it is supposed to be used and how to set the ball properly under the rod. You can easily identify if your path is off and once you identify this, the white rod makes it easy to make a correction immediately. When working on your golf, finding training aids that actually work is important, once you find one, stick with it and add it into your routine, even if it is just a few minutes each practice session it will be worth it.

I always find it funny with golfers, I am guilty of it also, once you start missing putts it reminds me of my single days, I would go through putters and girlfriends at about the same pace. Remember it is not the bow and arrow, it’s the Indian, so do yourself a favor, save yourself some money on that next putter purchase and make a white rod training aid. Who knows after practicing with it, the next 10 footer on the course might be a little easier to make when there is a little something on the line.  

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