Bryan Bigley's Journey to the WEB.COM and PGA TOUR

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One of our team members Bryan Bigley, has one of the coolest stories on his journey chasing his dream to make it to the PGA TOUR. Currently playing with full status on the WEB.COM he is grinding and on a mission to make it happen. PLEASE READ HIS JOURNEY PRETTY DAMN COOL...! 

Golf has been apart of my life since I was 5 years old. My father is a golf course superintendent and my brother, a year older, and I would go into work with him on weekends and help him change holes, set tee markers etc. As we grew up, every night my father would come home, eat a quick dinner, grab my brother and I and it was off to the course to play 9, followed by a stop at the local corner ice cream store. My dad was basically the only teacher I had growing up—and we learned to play blue collar golf if you will- we wore sneakers to play until we were 17, and to this day very rarely do I wear a glove.  Once I hit 14 years old, it was working 6-12 monday-saturday all summer long, followed by golf all afternoon. I followed my brother to Siena College, where we played on the team together for 4 years, and won a conference championship together. My senior year my team would also win again. After college, I moved to Charlotte, NC to pursue my dream as a professional golfer, but unlike most, I still had to work to support myself, so I found myself working on the grounds crew at Raintree CC in south Charlotte. I have played various mini tours the last 8 years ranging from the eGolf tour to the Carolinas Pro Golf Tour to the G pro tour, with varied success.  In 2011, I Monday qualified for my first PGA Tour event, the Wells Fargo Championship, here in Charlotte. Later that year, I had a near miss at Qualifying School, missing final stage by only 1 shot. But I didn’t let the setback stop me.  In 2012, I Monday qualified again in Charlotte for the Wells Fargo Championship.  All the while, working in my off weeks on the grounds crew.  Most recently, I spent 2014 and 2015 playing the PGA LatinoAmerica Tour- where I got to travel to unbelievable cities all over Central and South America, and got to meet some pretty phenomenal people.  I was also able to grow as a golfer, learn about travel, and mature in decision making.  Finally, last fall in 2015 I earned fully exempt status on the Web.com Tour, a long journey in the making, and that’s now where I find myself.  The top 25 guys earn their PGA Tour card, and that’s the ultimate goal. I currently have 4 weeks off before our next event in Louisiana, and although I’ve cut my hours at the course, I still work weekends, and during the aerification process, which will be the first week of March- I can’t imagine any other golfer on the web.com tour pushing off plugs or topdressing greens as they get ready for an event, but it’s a job that I love and for the time being a job I will keep. Sponsors have been tough to come by and still currently looking for some support.



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